Tip: How To Get Your Music Heard By Thousands

There is nothing better for an artist to drop his or her latest track and see a number of people listening to the project within a couple of minutes.


The most famous artists manage to communicate through medias and social networks to promote their music.


The fastest way to grow your audience is sending your music by email

For upcoming artists, it is highly recommended to build a mailing list to get their fans aware of new projects.


Use our mailing list

Right now, you may or may not have a website.

You may or may not have a substantial mailing list.

This is how we can assist you.


Currently, we can send your music to over 600 subscribers. 

With this number, you can start leveraging your promotion faster, without sending multiple messages to your contacts to “ask” them to listen to your tracks.


Another good thing is we don’t ask people to listen to your music.

They were already interested about discovering new tracks from upcoming/unsigned artists.

They know that they will receive new links, especially when we recommend to listen to specific artists.


They will listen to your track and share your link

So we don’t ask them to do anything, they expect us to send them music. 

They click and when they like it, they share it.

So, people will listen to your track and will consider sharing it.


Yes, we recommend them to support the artists by sharing the link.

To get an estimation about what you could get, I suggest to have a look at the simulation in the section below.




Our current email open rate is 26.19%

The click rate is 27.27%

Our delivery rate is at 100%. (We NEVER spam people).



Let’s say that the next email campaign goes to 400 subscribers instead of 600.

Emails are successfully sent to 400 people.


We will consider that we have lower open rate and click rate. 

Open rate: 21%

Click rate: 22%


Remember, we will create 30 email campaigns that will be sent to 400 subscribers.


Day one

400 * 0.21 = 84 subscribers open our email.

400 * 0.22 = 88 clicks


Yes, on day 1 you can get 88 clicks that lead directly to your music on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud…


Again, this is the worst case scenario.


Now, we create 29 additional campaigns with a direct link to your music.

The whole campaign can get you: 

2,520 emails open with your name in it.

2,640 clicks on your link.


These people will be able to share your link, the number of clicks may grow and grow again for days after the campaign is over. This is the snowball effect of sharing by email.



Sometimes, we may have the same people clicking in your link through our 30 email campaigns.

When it happens, they tend to click on it about 10 times.

This behaviour is usually observed for 3% of our subscribers.


In this case, we can estimate that 2,650 * 0.03 = 79.2 clicks will come from the same persons during the whole campaign (30 emails).

So you will still gain  2,560 clicks.



Remember, we have over 600 subscribers right now and we keep getting more subscribers on a daily basis. We have observed higher open and click rates in our previous campaigns than it is shown in the simulation.



Save time and start sharing your music by email.

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