Interview with Final Yan

Today, let's discover a Cuban artist, Final Yan. [Alternative/Pop/Hyperpop]

Q. What are your influences in music?

I would personally say I look up a lot to artists like Luna ki, Phem, Arca, Jony Rave, & Bad Gyal. But I try not to listen to music too much while I’m working on projects so I’m able to create something authentic.

Q. For how long have you been doing music? What was your trigger to start your career as an artist?

I’ve always loved music as a little kid being a popstar was always a dream of mine. When I started being homeschooled, I began writing as a way of expression. I never really thought I’d become an artist till I turned 18 and always felt a crazy drive to be working on projects and create something out of my feelings.

Q. Who produces your music?

Since I am an independent artist who doesn’t have a huge label backing me up, I’ve just been working with smaller producers & friends of mine who are on the scene.

Q. What is your process to create your music? (Do you start by listening to the instrumental then writing your lyrics?)

It’s kinda tricky sometimes I like to listen to beats when I’m showering and start improvising but other times, I write down lyrics and use them for future songs.

Q. What kind of instrumental do you like the most?

I know a lot of things, but I don’t know what my favorite instrumental is at the moment it really changes a lot.

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Q. Which instrument would you like to learn in the coming year?

I would say learning guitar. I’ve always wanted to strip down my music since there is a lot of hard synths to it.

Q. Let's say that your budget is unlimited. If you could pick an artist for a future collaboration, who would you pick?

I wouldn’t think twice about this! I genuinely want to collaborate with Luna Ki. We have begun talking recently but I don’t think we’ll have any projects together coming out anytime soon. I see a lot of myself in her when she was starting out and we’re both Cuban.

If we would ever make a song that would be the coolest experience ever to me.

Q. Several artists say they write their own lyrics while instead people can notice that many artists are helped by ghostwriters.

As an artist which place do you give in writing texts and being the interpret?

When I started out, my lyrics were absolutely terrible, but I can say with confidence that I’ve been improving and learning how to tell a story with my lyrics. Even with my songs, that might not sound like they have a deeper meaning (ex. Superstar) it’s a very pop/hyperpop inspired track talking about cars, fame, & substances. I give a glimpse of my actual feelings and experiences I’ve been through. I always try to sugarcoat things maybe I’m not prepared for people to fully understand me yet.

But yet again I want my lyrics to be interpreted by my listeners however they want & apply it to their life.

Q. How many music videos would you like to do for your project? Do you think that artists must do a lot of music videos per project to stay relevant in the music industry?

I really want to dive deeper into visuals and films for my music. My insecurities definitely get in the way of that but I’m always trying to improve myself. I’ve had a lot of music videos that have never been released to the general public just because I really want my debut video to be everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

I think if the music is good and you have your fans backing you up, you don’t necessarily need a music video. But they do help increasing your audience.

Q. Before the pandemic, which places around the world have you been able to visit for your career?

Not a lot I’ve played some shows in Cuba back in 2019 but I was starting out and my music was all over the place. I’ve now got my aesthetic and looks put together so hopefully I’m able to tour around soon.

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Q. What are your plans for 2021? Are you currently working on projects?

World domination obviously?!

Lmfao joking, I’m working on my EP called “Yandere” since October of 2020.

It’s my debut EP. I’m really proud of this body of work & the concept. I hope people enjoy it as much as I have making it.

I’m also working on a collaboration with a Swedish Pop artist called Jony Rave. Our track is called “Only a Dream” and it’s dropping this March around my birthday.

But I honestly know that once I drop my EP, I’m going to be taking some months off to kinda take care of myself as a human being because I am burnt out at this point. Being an artist is so fun and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else but that. But with every single drop of recognition I get, a part of me as a person dies and I start to become more of a prop to an industry. That’s very cruel. I know that’s a lot to take in that I said that, but It’s nothing but facts. I’ve signed up for this and I don’t really want to go backwards with my career. It’s not like being a normal person is doing anything for me anyways.

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