Interview with Hendrikse

Questions Q. What are your influences in music?

A. Blues, Pop and Classic Rock. Marillion, Joe Bonamassa, Genesis, Fish, Cream, Johnny Cash and many more

Q. For how long have you been doing music? What was your trigger to start being an artist and doing music?

A. I’ve started to play the guitar after a good friend of mine died in 2007. I picked up the guitar in 2008 and learned to play with help of YouTube. In 2009 I did my first ‘real’ gig as support act for the British Blues band The Brew

Q. Who produces your music?

A. I produce it myself most of the time. When another producer is needed, I always go to Rob Orlemans (from the band Rob Orlemans & Half past Midnight)

Q. What kind of instrumental do you like the most?

A. Acoustic and electric guitar

Q. Which instrument would you like to learn in the coming year?

A. Piano and Bass

Q. If you could pick an artist for a future collaboration, who would you pick? (let's say that your budget is unlimited)

A. Fish, Joe Bonamassa, Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti

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Q. Several artists say they write their own lyrics while instead we notice that they are helped by ghostwriters. As an artist which place do you give in writing texts and being the interpret?

A. All lyrics of my songs are written by me. I always have an idea how the basic of my song must sound like, but I will not hesitate to ask another person for input. On occasion I get a complete song to work on and create a lyric for.

Q. How many music videos would you like to do for your project? Do you think that artists must do a lot of music videos per project to stay relevant in the music industry? A. I think, that if it’s possible, every song you release as single needs some kind of video.

9. Do you have some places in mind to do your next music videos after the pandemic?

We are already looking around for some great locations in The Netherands, belgium and Germany.

10. What are your wishes for 2021?

First of all, good health for everybody and the departure or control of the pandemic, but second, for me personally an equally important one, performing music before an audience, so the people, including myself have something to relax to, just sit back and enjoy the show.

Hendrikse - “Where The Road Takes Me”

Blues, Rock, Pop, Symphonic

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