Interview with Stoopid Swagg OG (Okye Glaze)

Today, let us introduce you Stoopid Swagg OG aka Okye Glaze with his latest release "Keep On Going".

Q. What are your influences in music?

Money Man, Eldorado Red, And Project Pat. They are street, they are hood but they all black intelligent businessmen, same time artists.

Q. For how long have you been doing music? What was your trigger to start being an artist and doing music?

Since 2008 but professionally since 2014/2015.

My trigger was the DJs keep requesting my song Outside Rimmed Up, and at that age the industry started showing me love and doors were constantly opening and as well as everything I tried backfired. Going to college, the military, being a family man, and trying to move up as a chef I was always let down, meanwhile I drop a song, I met people, I made connections, performed and since recently 2019, I’ve been more professional from learning the business side of the music industry and I’ve been on a ball since.

Q. Who produces your music?

Mostly YouTube producers’ free beats to download. I take them and run with them and do my thing. But as the following Loop Goonz, Josh Petruccio, The Kronic, Kid Ocean and a couple more.

Q. What is your process to create your music? (Do you start by listening to the instrumental then writing your lyrics?)

Listening to the beat first and freestyling then I feel the tempo and hear the sound. It all depends on the message that I hear from the instruments individually and the message that producer is trying to bring and present. I can listen to a beat 1000 times and not be happy with what I wrote because of the message I'm trying to bring

Q. What kind of instrumental do you like the most?

Between Trap and house/chill I can vibe out and be within myself when I'm listening to instrumentals of that nature.

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Q. Which instrument would you like to learn in the coming year?

The keyboard or guitar

Q. Let's say that your budget is unlimited. If you could pick an artist for a future collaboration, who would you pick?

Money Man or Lil Baby

Money Man is a music god, from Bitcoin to trapping to investing. He is a bad m.f and Lil Baby because he came in and paved his own lane just like Money Man. They set their own trends.

Q. Several artists say they write their own lyrics while instead people can notice that many artists are helped by ghostwriters.

As an artist which place do you give in writing texts and being the interpret?

For starters, I write my own music, no matter what type of song it is. Nobody helps me besides critiquing where they feel I could go harder or have better wordplay. I paint pictures with my words when I write.

Q. How many music videos would you like to do for your project? Do you think that artists must do a lot of music videos per project to stay relevant in the music industry?

Just one unless it’s a remix or live performance, and to me it doesn't matter how many videos you drop as long as your music is circulating the airwaves, being streamed, downloaded, played on YouTube. You have graphics and pictures, then you are trending.

Q. Before the pandemic, which places around the world have you been able to visit for your career?

Memphis, Tennessee (born and raised). Omaha, Nebraska. Los Angeles, California (my second home).

Q. What are your plans for 2021? Are you currently working on projects?

Keep dropping content, keep dropping content and keep dropping content!

Exposure and better marketing, making my brand and image look more presentable/professional.

I can't tell you everything, but I got more heat in the works. But the plan is: drop singles, push them, market them, create noise behind them and just come back-to-back with hits.

I'm always working. I never stop. Even when I close my eyes to sleep, I'm still working because I'm crafting my thoughts, ideas and my lyrics.

Stoopid Swagg OG


- Keep On Going

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