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Q. What are your influences in music?

I have a lot of influences. The beats are based on Kanye West sampling, My style of writing lyrics are a mix of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and MF Doom. Sometimes I will take inspiration from Logic or other artists, but most of the time it's those.

Q. For how long have you been doing music? What was your trigger to start being an artist and doing music?

I started writing in 2015, but I never released that music. I started officially making music in 2018-2019. My whole reason was as a sophomore in high school I was suffering with really bad depression and had suicidal thoughts. It was Kid Cudi and Logics music that stopped me from committing suicide. The song Mr. Rager was a catalyst. After that I made a mission to make music for kids who feel like me, to stop them from killing themselves.

Q. Who produces your music?

I produce most of my beats, but I will go on Youtube and search for beats if I am feeling lazy or can't capture a certain energy. Sometimes a friend will help me with certain parts or produce the whole beat.

When making the beat, I want to capture a certain energy or feeling. I will create the beat or find it on Youtube and write the lyrics. Sometimes I will write lyrics late at night then find a beat in my library on my computer and edit it to fit the beat.

Q. What kind of instrumental do you like the most?

Piano, I've been playing it since I was 8. I start making beats by finding a rhythm on piano and transporting that into the drums and sample.

Q. Which instrument would you like to learn in the coming year?

I want to learn how to play the saxophone. Seems like a cool instrument.

Q. If you could pick an artist for a featuring today, who would you pick? (with an unlimited budget)

I write all my lyrics. I really never ask anyone to write the song for me. My pain during hard times was felt by me, I write from my own experiences.

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Q. How many music videos would you like to do for your project? Do you think that artists must do a lot of music videos per project to stay relevant in the music industry?

I don't have a budget for music videos. I would love to do them though. I feel like you should make a music video for any single and lead off track of your project.

Q. Do you have some places in mind to do your next music videos after the pandemic?

Detroit, my hometown. I don't travel.

Q. What are your wishes for 2021?

I'm currently 17 and in October I turn 18, I hope to be signed to a local record label and produce my first album. I am working on two projects right now. A mixtape called Swimming in Circles and another mixtape called October 27, 2003. I am always working on music and never stop. I hope to release both of them in 2021.



- Confessions

- Outkast

- Fire in the Booth

- Swimming in Circles (Work in progress)

- October 27, 2003 (Work in progress)

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