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F. A. Q.

How will you promote my music?

We will use a combination of social media, SEO and email marketing.


When will you start promoting my music?

Once we have received details about your track, we will contact you within 24 hours. Further details may be required. 

Select your promotion after filling the form below. Our team will determine how your music will be promoted.


What guarantee do you offer?

We guarantee real views and music plays from real people located in the following countries ONLY:

USA, Canada, UK, European countries, and Australia.

We DON’T use bots.


Can I submit my whole album for promotion?

No. In order to provide the best service and to reach your goals, we do not allow to promote an album or EP. 


Can I start now if my music will be available in the coming days or weeks?

You can submit your track now. However your promotion will start once your music is available for streaming.


What streaming platforms do you support?

Music can be promoted once available to Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music or Soundcloud.

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